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Choose a mission:



Choose how to play:



Watch οut!



You have 3 lives!



Follow the yellow sign to find your mission.



Locate the red light to find your mission’s destination.



Get to your destination by following the Road Traffic Rules!



Otherwise, try again!




What is “ROBOROAD”

The digital game “ROBOROAD” is an interactive educational application for 8 – 12 years old children. Through the action offered by the adventures of the digital game, the aim is for the children to learn, and improve their traffic skills as well as to adopt this knowledge in the real world.

Game Goal

Navigate the virtual city safely and face traffic challenges. Complete the game’s adventures by following the Road Traffic Safety Rules. In each mission, you will be faced with a problem and you must reach a specific part of the virtual city, following each time a correct and safe traffic behavior. You have a specific time to complete the missions and three lives to make a mistake before you lose.

Pedestrian or Driver

Choose how to play the mission: either as a pedestrian or as a guide. The adventure is the same, but the challenges and difficulties in each case are different!


RoboRoad is your assistant! RoboRoad assigns you the missions and helps you face the difficulties and challenges. He will reward you when you complete your mission correctly, but also when you do not succeed, he will explain your mistakes.


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