LVLib v1 for General Audio Detection

LVLib v1 is a lightweight dataset for general audio detection and classification. It includes continuous real-world recordings with speech, music, silence and ambient noise classes with a total duration of 10 minutes. It is recommended for preliminary tests and evaluation of semantic audio analysis engines. This dataset is split up in four subsets, with slightly different content: Subset #1 is a compilation of environmental sounds derived from sound libraries, Subset #2 mostly consists of household sounds, speech, TV and radio recording, Subset #3 contains audio content from an office working environment and Subset #4 includes outdoor audio events in urban environment.


Vrysis, L., Tsipas, N., Dimoulas, C., & Papanikolaou, G. (2015). Mobile audio intelligence: From real time segmentation to crowd sourced semantics. In Proceedings of the Audio Mostly 2015 on Interaction With Sound (pp. 1-6).


If you wish to use the dataset for academic purposes, please cite the aforementioned publications.


You can get the dataset from here.